Buy YouTube Accounts


  • YouTube accounts were registered automatically.
  • YouTube accounts are registered from MIX worldwide IPs.
  • Interface might be set to random language.
  • Account age – not less than 3 days.
  • Female or male profiles. Some accounts have avatars. Random language names.

Format of accounts:

  • login:password:recovery_email

– If it’s your first time buying, do a small purchase first for test.
– Read Terms of Service and FAQ before any purchase.


High-quality YouTube accounts. Channels are empty, no videos uploaded so they are ready to use immediately! However, keep in mind that Google is tough with their security filters so you should never use many accounts on the same device or IP address.

If you are in the market of YouTube accounts or run some campaigns where you need to upload a high number of videos across multiple channels – these accounts are what you need! Not only YouTube is available but all other Google services too. Usually, people use these accounts for CPA marketing – that would be the most popular use case. But sometimes you want to get some video going as broad as possible and multiple channels at your disposal can help with that perfectly.

YouTube is a great platform when it comes to video promotions. We human beings are most addicted to audio-visual things. You probably noticed that whenever you need to find out something, you go for YouTube, not in Google all time. Because it is always easier to watch than to read some type of instructions. In this particular article, we will discuss how multiple YouTube Accounts can help you to generate a perfect money source for you as well as how it can make your channel grow. YouTube has certain things that differentiate it from other types of online businesses.

How to Buy YouTube Accounts are often searched by some YouTubers. What’s the purpose? Because through multiple YouTube channels you may promote content on much larger scale.

1. YouTube Channel Promotions

It starts with the basics. Anyone with less knowledge about YouTube can say, what’s the need for extra accounts to promote the channel? Isn’t having some email accounts enough? The answer is no. You can’t comment, like, share or subscribe if you don’t have an account on YouTube. Everyone who starts a YouTube channel, having a dream to have millions of subscribers or simply make lots of sales. But not everyone has time to put effort daily to bring organic reactions to videos.

But using multiple YouTube Accounts can solve this problem. If you have a channel and want to engage more visitors, more likes, comments, and share, then you can do it by yourself. To do that you need to buy some YouTube Accounts. These accounts will look as normal as everyone else. However, these YouTube Accounts can make your video look more popular and it will be easier to promote something if people will see some positive comments and other reactions.

2. Multiple YouTube Giveaways

Promoting the channels has a great way through giveaways. When someone is promoting certain products through their YouTube channel, then this process will help you. Make some certain discounts on your product. Now, use your secondary accounts to build certain channels and promote your main account’s giveaway through it. So, having multiple accounts can help you to create more channels, and through more channels, the reach of your main account will grow exponentially. When the visitor sees lots of content around some particular giveaway or video, they are more likely to trust it.

3. CPA Marketing

It is not a secret that many Internet Marketers choose YouTube platform for CPA campaigns. Usually these are linked to content lockers and owners get commissions after someone completes an offer, downloads an app or registers at some promotional page. While this activity is strictly forbidden by YouTube and most of the other social platforms, people go around this rule by simply buying multiple YouTube accounts and uploading CPA videos onto many different channels. In the end most of these accounts will get restricted or completely banned, but CPA marketer makes his profit until that point. After you were hit by banhammer, you simply take another account and repeat the process over and over again. Of course, there are many ins and outs of this business and we’ve put it into quite simple words, but the general idea is clear – CPA marketing is nearly impossible without buying YouTube accs.