Buy Google Ads Accounts


  • Google Ads Accounts were registered manually.
  • Google Ads Accounts were made from residential IPs.
  • Google Ads accounts were manually warmed up using YouTube – search, video watching, liking, disliking ant other regular user activity.
  • Google Ads accounts were manually warmed up using Google search – searching, visiting sites, staying on them, etc.
  • Cookie farming by visiting sites that had Google Analytics implemented
  • Registration on social networks
Format of accounts:
  • login:password:email:email_password:cookies
  • Use same geo location proxy as your account geo!
  • Antidetect browser(multilogin, gologin,etc.) is required to use.
  • Do not launch ads immediately after purchase, login and do some surfing first, let it rest 12-24h.
  • Add payment method to your account and let it rest 6-8h.
  • Use only high quality proxies – mobile or residential.
  • Don’t set high budgets.
  • Read Terms of Service and FAQ before any purchase.