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TikTok Ads – you can target mainly European countries, for full list contact our support, ads acc + mailbox

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  • TikTok Ads accounts were registered manually.
  • TikTok Ads accounts are registered from certain country IPs.
  • TikTok Ads accounts are verified by email, the email is included in the format. But keep in mind mailbox might be suspended or ask for SMS confirmation.
  • Empty profiles.
Format of accounts:
  • login:password:email:email_password
Notice: – If it’s your first time buying, do a small purchase first for test. – Read Terms of Service and FAQ before any purchase. Looking for a place to buy a TikTok Ads account? Look no further – we have something great to offer and at a reasonable price too! Our accounts were registered on high-quality residential proxies which guarantee there will be no issues with them. All you need to do is load some balance to it and then proceed with creating ad campaigns. People often ask – why do I need multiple TikTok Ads accounts? Answers are simple and vary, but usually, it’s either of these:
  • Disabled old account
  • Want to target different countries
  • Don’t want to run a risky campaign on your main account
  Have in mind that you can target only these countries when you buy TikTok Ads account – Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, France, UK, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, S.Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Vietnam. You should always use proxies when managing multiple accounts if they come from the same country as the ones we registered accounts on – even better! Please ask our support on what country’s IP did we register the accounts that you purchased.