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Why Having Multiple Instagram Accounts can Be Helpful for Merchandise Affiliate Marketing?

Like other social media, Instagram is a popular platform with lots of engagement. The most surprising thing is, those who have Facebook accounts, always Install Instagram at least once. As both have the same owner, the mutual collaboration between Instagram and Facebook is awesome. If you want to use Instagram as your marketing platform, then you need to be specific. First of all, you need to know your niche and have to know whether it is beneficial along with Instagram or not. In this article, you’ll know how you can generate high traffic through your multiple Instagram accounts.

Buy Instagram Accounts from us, as we can offer them at a very little price. Whether you want to use it with your CPA, Blackhat method or organically grow a page, it’s up to you. Let’s see how you can use multiple accounts for digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

How to Attract Engagement on Merchandise through Multiple Instagram Accounts?

The discussion here will face you to the reality and the problems you may face while doing these all. As mentioned, merchandise is the best to sell. Instagram is generally being used as a photo album platform. It doesn’t promote that much interaction as Facebook does. Whenever you are scrolling your news feed on Instagram, probably, you have seen some of the sponsored posts with amazing photos. That’s how you should attract people. Do you know how to attract by using those posts?

1. Instagram Paid Program

Instagram paid ad campaigns are the most followed way of digital marketers. They use Instagram as their main source of income. You can try this. But if you create an account and start to promote it by investing some money, there is a high chance you won’t get any sales. Why? Because, the targeted audience, whoever saw that awesome merchandise or instruments you are selling, can’t put trust for the first time. Though it is very catchy compared to what they have seen, because of the lack of trust, they don’t show their interest that much.

If you have multiple accounts, you can use multiple ad campaigns in the same thing. Whenever your visitor once again visits your ad in a different campaign, again he will click on that. Doing this several times will make him click on the site after a certain time. Whenever he sees your posts, again and again, he will find interest in your product. This method is called Heating Interest Level.

2. Giving Awesome Giveaway

Whenever you are dealing with something interesting related to programs, then you must concentrate on offering exciting bonuses and so on. Suppose, you are selling a certain product. But as you have started recently, you haven’t gained popularity properly. Your visitors have zero clues about your site and what you are selling. Now, you can use the giveaway method to attract people. If you show a certain price discount gift voucher with an account, it will catch the attention of your visitors for sure.

Now, what do you need to do? You have to show potential clients giveaways or discounts several times. That’s when you need multiple Instagram accounts. By having multiple accounts, sharing and promoting giveaways through multiple profiles will give you a boost certainly.

3. Social Media Influencer

It happens with Instagram mostly. When you are up to something and if Instagram has a slight smell about it, your account will be followed by millions. And the promotional part will be done by the Instagram authority themselves. Whenever you are selling a product on how to reduce weight or how to gain muscles like actors, then your audience is expecting you to be a professional on this. They’ll be curious to know about you, your engagement, but first the followers.

You can be a social media influencer. You must have to put values on your product as well. Multiple Instagram accounts will help you to promote your main page at highest speeds. Whether it is an ad experiment or whether a common man’s wish, you can’t be everywhere with a single account. Sometimes it directly affects your social media image. Use multiple accounts and grow your page faster than others


As you can see, multiple Instagram accounts are important especially when you are running a business through Instagram. Here, we are offering Instagram accounts at lower price than other shops. Run your ad campaigns, Instagram marketing, sponsors ads, Blackhat or CPA methods swiftly and smoothly. Buy Instagram accounts from us and be few steps ahead than your competitors!